Come to us for Christmas trees! Welcome to Needle-Lane Farms, a Community Supported Agriculture Source We have Christmas wreaths, and decorations, too! 
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We are a Community Supported Agriculture Farm!  CSA provides a direct relationship between you, and the farm that grows your food!
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Our Mission: By working in harmony with Mother Nature to create a biologically diverse farm that is sustainable and self-sufficient, Needle-Lane Farms aspires to care for the needs of its caretakers as well as those in the surrounding community through the production of naturally grown foods, flowers, herbs, and animal products.

We are proud to distribute Higher Grounds, organic and fair-trade coffee!

What's New at Needle-Lane?

We are now accepting members for our 2012 CSA season! Please click here for more information and membership forms.

Internship applications are also being accepted, please click here for more info!

 Sides of Beef are now available! Please click here for more information.



Please read our Growers Statement here!

Another lovely day at our farm stand,-the sun is warm,  the buzzy noise of summer bugs fills your ears, and the scent of dill and fresh picked flowers mingle to make this perfect place to be! Come visit us!
Come visit us on Tipton Highway!
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